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Hey Zaid Khan here founder & CEO of TrainE Health Tech. If you are tired of trying all fancy diet and workout and still not getting results, I promise you this is the only place you need to be. I started this because there is too much misinformation and misguidance in the health and fitness industry and it is too superficial. 

At TrainE our ideology is to work from an emotional state to your physical state. Rather than asking you to eat something we try to fix why you eat or don’t eat a particular thing or do or don’t stick to a habit.


By working on your lifestyle we ensure long term sustainable changes rather than short term quick fixes. I am looking forward to help you learn and transform yourself into the best version of yourself.


3500+ people just like you have transformed their bodies and lives…

Great mindset, lifestyle & physique is what they have!

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My results speak for themselves. My personality changed after my transformation. It boosted my confidence, clothes fit well and its all natural. Hence no extra cost or side effects of diet. I did all this in 12 weeks.

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Have questions before you start?

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I used to have migraine 24x7, I was on anti depressants and living an extremely painful life. Even after consuming handful of medicines daily I didn't get relief from Mgraine. Thanks to TrainE who helped me work on basic lifestyle changes, diet workout and mental health counselling that brought down my migraine from 30 days a month to 2 days a month in less than 4 months.  I even got off my anti depressants.

Melvyn Farro

Marketing Executive

PCOS led to intense weight gain, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, work life balance issue and due to all of it I felt low constantly. TrainE helped me understand my triggers, why was I gaining weight and how do I fix it. My sleep improved, I lost weight, reduced symptoms of PCOS and now I am living a much fulfilling life.

Asha Choudhary


I gained weight after my pregnancy. Even though I was very careful about my diet I was gaining weight. Nutritionist from TrainE helped me understand that I was in fact eating less. Surprisingly they increased my calorie consumption and I started losing weight.

Asma Shaikh


I lost 14 kg in 12 weeks.

I have always been good with studies and I barely focused on physical health. I am grateful to have joined TrainE. They transformed my life that too from comfort of my home. Home made food, home workouts and healthy habits. My parents, friends and myself we shocked after seeing the results. Highly recommended for all of you who want to transform themselves.

Aishwarya Sharma


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