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Are you facing these Problems?

  • Tired, exhausted frustrated most of the days

Spending 1000s and lacs on medicine and medical bills

Unhealthy family, and not being able to spend time with family

Frequent visits to hospitals

Can’t enjoy life to the fullest

  • Loss of money, energy, efforts, motivation when you don’t get results even after following the diet.

I want to get Healthy

We Help You Enjoy The Healthy Side of Life Beyond Just Weight Loss

  • Staying Active & Energetic 24x7

Consume Less To No Medications on a Daily basis

Move like a teenager ie. Pain Free Joints

Wear your favorite clothes in your favorite size

Beautiful skin and hair

  • Less mood swings, irritability and anger breakouts

Get compliments from every other person

Get Healthy Now

Our Services

  • Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Wellness

Mental Health

Corporate Wellness

Gym Management for Societies, Corporates & Hotels

Why Should You Train with TrainE?

We are far beyond only diet and workout. Our approach is Trainee specific ie personalized as per your requirements no matter how unique it is. 

We follow The Biopsychosocial Model designed by an American internist and psychiatrist George L. Engel 1977

The biopsychosocial model is a general model positing that biological, psychological (which includes thoughts, emotions, and behaviors), and social (e.g., socioeconomical, socioenvironmental, and cultural) factors, all play a significant role in health and disease. 

It follows, that health and disease are best understood in terms of a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors rather than purely in biological terms.

Rahul Reduced Migraine attacks by 90% and lost 4kg weight

Rahul is a marketing professional working in a hospital in Bandra, Mumbai. He was facing 30 migraine attacks per month and the doctor asked to operate it where an electric current will numb a part of his brain whenever he gets a migraine attack so that he does not feel the pain.

Our coaches understood his problem, along with his lifestyle and other biological, psychological and social factors

Next 6 months he followed the diet, workout and counselling plan and saw amazing results

He reduced his weight, migraine attacks reduced from 30 per month to 3 per month, he even stopped his depression medications as he no longer needed it due to improved lifestyle.

He could enjoy his life, play with his nephews, and be more productive at work resulting in promotions.

Rahul Yadav

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  1. TrainE Nutritionist will call you for a lifestyle consultation

We understand when do you wake up, sleep, eating habits, stressors, fav food, workout preference, medical history, etc to design a HYPER PERSONALIZED PLAN for you. 

Start your plan and achieve results

Our Coaches will be in constant touch with you throughout your journey and help you sail through it like knife through butter

3 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Wellness Goals

Our team has worked 1000s of hours so that you don't struggle with your wellness journey. 

Happy Customers

Mayak TrainEd to lose 8 kgs weight, get more active professionally and bagged a huge bonus.

Asma worked with TrainE Counsellors to improve her mental health and live a happier life

Rahul TrainEd and lost 12 kgs weight and was able to wear his wedding dress after 7 years.

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